Upholstery Cleaning

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Each piece of furniture we own tells a story. The Victorian armchair you inherited from your grandmother or your trusted brown, recliner that has been with you since college. Our furniture contains memories. That’s why when we clean we make sure we take special care of it.

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Upholstery Cleaning

What is the CitruSolution process for cleaning my upholstery?

It’s easier to relax in your furniture when you know it’s clean. Furniture can often get oily, dirty, and can absorb odors from the room. Our cleaning solution for furniture will gently, yet effectively lift stains, oils, and odors.

Without the use of water, our natural solution pushes dirt and soil to the surface of the fabric.  We then hand brush the fibers removing all grime. Next the material is hand dried. Lastly, you can enjoy the comfort of your newly cleaned furniture.

*We clean all upholstery except leather.

“Great service, friendly and professional. I thought my carpets were a lost cause but they turned out clean and beautiful! Upholstery service was also great, I've never seen my couch so clean. Carpets took about 2 hours to dry, my shag rug took a little longer and my couches took about 3. I definitely recommend CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Colorado Springs! Oh and they also gave me a free bottle of spot cleaner!”
- Emilie Fryer

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