Pet Stain Removal

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Pets are beloved members of our family but sometimes they leave behind unwanted surprises.  Cleaning up urine stains is no one’s favorite pastime but we make it our job to keep your carpets clean.

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Pet Stains and Odors

Our Method

You love your pets and you want to keep them safe. That’s why our non-toxic Citrusolution is the best choice for removing nasty pet stains. 

Our solution combined with Odorcide will not only remove pet stains but will also remove the foul smell of urine. When pets smell the enzymes in pee they are tempted to go again. Our process acts as a preventative eliminating those enzymes, so pets will not want to pee there again. Lastly, we use our high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuum which will also remove pet dander.

Every time we visit you will receive a free bottle of our spot cleaner.  So, you can quickly address future incidents. If you need professional cleaning we are glad to help. The sooner your carpet is cleaned the less likely it is it will have to be replaced.

Treating Trouble Spots

"They got out a couple really tough pet stains and coffee spills and made our carpet look great! We are about to sell our property and thought the carpets needed replaced- glad we gave this a try first! They provided me with the cost upfront and did our downstairs, couch, barstools and the stairs. Arrived on time and communicated well. Great pricing!"
- Alyssa Barnes

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