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Frequently Asked Questions

 Welcome, to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is not addressed below feel free to give us a call. We would enjoy talking to you personally to answer any unsettled question.

The biggest advantage of CitruSolution compared to other cleaning processes is that our product is a natural based solution free from soap or chemicals both harmful to the longevity of your carpet.


Our product also dries faster than other cleaning processes. Within two to three hours you can move your furniture back. And after your carpet is cleaned you can immediately walk on it.  Because our product dries faster you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew. 


Another great benefit of our process is that the fibers in your carpet are being scrubbed. Other processes simply wet down your carpet and then suction the liquid up where are process is penetrating deep into your carpet to remove dirt and grime.

Absolutely. Often, clients enjoy having a set time frame for when they do their quarterly or even annual cleaning. This makes it easier for them to not have to worry about scheduling an appointment once that time rolls around.  Contact us and we can set up a schedule that works for you.

Before we arrive, we ask that you vacuum your carpets first. We also ask that you move all furniture out of the designated area we will be cleaning. Items can be moved to an uncarpeted room. If you do not want to move your furniture we can clean only the traffic patterns in your room.

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