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Stains can be a real headache, especially when they’re on your precious rugs. At CitruSolution, our professionals are trained to handle all types of rugs, from Oriental to Persian. We understand the delicate nature of these rugs and take special care to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned without any damage. With our advanced cleaning technology and natural solutions, we can effectively remove even the toughest stains, leaving your rugs looking and smelling fresh. Trust us to provide you with the best rug cleaning service in town. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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Area Rugs

Rugs add style, comfort, and character to a home. Yet, they are often placed in high traffic areas so they quickly become dirty. If your home has children and pets this is especially true.  Even though rugs receive more traffic they are typically cleaned less often than carpets. When used, methods like washing machines and steam cleaning can easily destroy your rugs.  

Why should you trust CitruSolution with your rugs?

We treat your rugs with the utmost care. Our natural cleaning solution will ensure the longevity of your rugs. After cleaning, you will be surprised at the vibrancy of your rug’s colors. Your rugs will stay cleaner longer because our formula is free from soap residue.  Enjoy walking barefoot in your home as you feel the softness and comfort of your newly clean rugs.

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Join the thousands of happy home owners, property managers, renters, and students that trust CitruSolution as their go-to cleaning company for carpet, upholstery, pet stains, hardwood, auto, and more!